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Maritime Affairs Division

Kaohsiung Harbor photo

Marine Pollution Control
  Maritime affairs division is carrying out long-term water quality monitoring and emergency response to prevent and reduce the pollution. We also execute land, sea and air inspecting, CPC facilities and promote various activities related to marine environment preservation.  The “Marine Pollution Control Showroom” is an open showroom which established by us and we hope it can achieve the purpose of educating people. 


Marine Resources Conservation
One of our duties is to publish the quarterly "Marine Kaohsiung" and series of books for the purpose of demonstrate the vision of the international harbor city, advertise marine culture, record the marine heritage and facilitate the promotion of marine history. 
  With the cooperation with renowned academic institutes holding regular activities related to marine resources conservation, we hope it can deepen the ideas of marine resources conservation in people’s minds.  In order to pass down the experience of fishery development, the “Kaohsiung Museum of Fisheries Civilization” was established by integrating the industrial, governmental and academic sectors. The museum is also open to the public and is free for school field trip reservation.
  For restoring the fishery resources, we provide the larvae of various aquatic species for stocking program along the coastal on a regular basis.