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Fisheries Administration Divison

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Fishery Management
  Kaohsiung is responsible for 90% of Taiwan's far sea fisheries. However, facing the issue of international marine conservation, we are requesting for Taiwan to join international fishery-related management organizations to intensify fishery cooperation. Thus, fishery quotas are expected to increase as well as sustaining Taiwan's far sea fishery development.
  According to UNCLOS for sustainable use of fishery resources, we take charge in fishery resources protection, reducing overfishing and buy in old fishing vessels that are no longer cost effectiveness. In order to improve fishery resources conservation, we carry out the program of encouraging seasonal closure fishery, and provide adequate financial assistance based on the tonnage of the closure fishing vessels.
  For the safety of fishermen, we help registered fishing vessels going through regular safety inspections, and providing half of the inspection fees to the fishermen. Meanwhile we encourage fishermen to participate on job free training courses to intensify the crew management and promote legal regulations.

Fishery Licenses and Permits
  We issue the building permit, fishery license and fuel purchasing manuals for fishing vessels, and we also established the procedures for document submittals and processing schedules to facilitate simplified administration and to improve the efficiency for serving people. There are approximately 500 Fishing Vessel Crew Identifications issued every year. 
  For foreign fishermen certificate, there are approximately 150 certificates issued and 350 applications from Chinese fishermen applying for working permission every year.