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    Data source:Marine Bureau Kaohsiung City Government       

    2.Deputy Director 
    3.Secretary General 
    4.Senior Executive Officer
    5.Senior Technical Specialist
    6.Maritime Affairs Division
          I.Maritime Disaster Prevention and Rescue Section
         II.Marine Resource Conservation Section
        III.Marine Pollution Inspection Section
    7.Maritime Industry Division
          I.Marine Tourism and recreation Section
         II.Sea Industry Section
    8.Fisheries Administration Divison
         I.Fishing Boat Section
        II.Fishermen Section 
       III.Fisheries Management Section
    9.Fishing Ports Management Division
    10.Fisheries Extension Division
         I.Fishery Extension Section
        II.Fishermen Association Assistance section
    11.Fisheries Engineering Division 
    12.Ethics Office
    13.Personnel office
    14.Accounting Office
    15.Secreatary Office