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Maritime Industry Division

    Data source:Marine Bureau Kaohsiung City Government       

      As a nature harbor city,  our division regards the yacht industry as the priority develop business and it brings the yacht docking and transportation industries to a rapid establishment. In order to solve the problems for yacht companies do not have access to the yacht launching facilities, our division completed the construction of a yacht wharf and associated facilities in Siaogang Linhai New Villege at the end of 2009.

      The division also plans to turn the city's Southern Stars Zone into a yacht manufacturing base equipped with factory buildings, arrangements of supply, logistics and inventory, wharfs, and yacht launching facilities. The manufacturing benefits for the yacht companies are expected to increase.

      Furthermore, in order to develop higher valued marine industries, the division hold various ocean-related activities such as Kaohsiung Maritime Expo, Siziwan Marine Festival, sail boating camp, etc.

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